Rosemary Hawthorne as the expert and observer

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is my serious side.

"Although I enjoy the fun and ooh la la of undies, as much as you, I do have other strings to my costume bow. People ask, "Do you still collect old things?" Presuming they mean clothes not vicars, the answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" I collect interesting, characterful clothes, under and over, plus accessories, regardless of condition (I repair) - antique, vintage and modern."


  • “I love being a detective, dating paintings and photographs of people’s ancestors by researching what they are wearing in their portraits (I once did a nude but that took longer).”
  • “I have done discreet appraisals of antique and vintage clothes for people who wish to sell them or bestow on appreciative new homes, bless them.”
  • “I occasionally have students and designers to my house who are studying particular aspects of costume history.”
  • “Apart from chatting for hours to journalists and TV/film researchers, of all stripes, Features, Fashion and News about anything to do with clothes, from brides to bloomers (my dears, sometimes they’re on the ‘phone for hours having a telephonic Costume History lesson and the Vicar can’t get through to his bookie), I also enjoy writing pithy comments and articles about fashion and foibles for newspapers and magazines. And, of course, I adore writing books – seven to date.”
  • “It all helps to pay the Vicar’s bar bill”.